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All Under One Roof.

As one of the most trusted luxury home builders in Bend and Central Oregon, partnering with Norman Building & Design means having an experience as seamless and curated as your new custom home. We operate entirely in-house to bring you the very best in design-build services and, with no stone ever left unturned, our attention is always simultaneously on the details and the bigger picture.


Through our team of trusted artisans, woodworkers, drafters, interior designers, and other skilled professionals, we’re proud to offer a full suite of design-build services. To learn more about our areas of expertise, browse the list below or give us a quick call.


We are living in our DREAM home! NBD delivers with the highest levels of artistry, professionalism and integrity. Every step of the way we had the support of an entire team to guide us through a seamless (and fun) process. We'd like to give a specific "shout out" to our contractor and the cabinetmakers - the quality of craftsmanship, standards and attention to detail are second to none. Additionally, our home was finished on time and on budget! We couldn't be happier with the results! THANK YOU!"  - Barbara Calmels


experience it all with Norman Building & design. 

Partner with Norman Building & Design for your custom design-build project and you'll tap into our full suite of in-house services, including: 


Residential Home Design

From Traditional and Central Oregon Rustic, to PNW Contemporary and Mountain Modern, building fully custom, luxury homes that speak to your personal aesthetic and lifestyle is what we do.


Go from concept to reality with our in-house team, and settle into your high desert dream home with a smile.



Work with our interior designers and you'll quickly realize the level of experience and care that goes into every custom-home project we take on. From light fixtures, accent tables, and textures, to textiles, colors, vibe, and beyond—every last detail matters.


Work with us and feel the kind of difference and magic only the best interior design teams can create.    

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Add an inviting, luxury outdoor living space to your custom build, and enjoy the being outside in Central Oregon all year long.


Bring your passion for plein air enjoyment to your back doorstep—literally—with a fire pit for gathering, cozy seating, covered areas, a wood-burning stove, and so much more. 



Every door in your home has potential—to welcome, to exude a warmth and confidence, to make a statement.


With our ability to handcraft custom door systems in house, and work them seamlessly into the beauty of your home, you can give everyone who passes through them the welcome they deserve. 

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Combine your personal aesthetic and vision with the skills of our in-house team of custom cabinet makers, and the results are above and beyond. You'll find a top-of-the-line storage system that not only helps organize and make your life easier, but also looks stunning against the backdrop of your new custom home. 

Ranch at the Canyons Exteriors - Full size (7 of 38).jpg


As we continue to build sustainably and adopt the latest in green building practices and materials, we'll update this important area of the Norman Building & Design ethos. In the meantime, drop us a note and be sure to check back here to learn more about how sustainable architecture fits into our design-build process.

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The difference is always in the details. That's why our custom design-build services include fine woodworking brought to life by our in-house team of skilled craftspeople. From top to bottom, our custom woodworking ushers your Norman-built home into a whole new realm of existence. Experience how woodworking details big and small make for the best home experiences inside and out.



When you hear the words "custom bath and bathrooms," we want you to think: relaxation, recharge, escape, oasis. Because in addition to quality and flow, these things embody how we approach our custom bath and bathroom buildouts—with you and your sense of calm at the forefront of everything. Go ahead, add that double sink, that deep tub, that tastefully tiled walk-in shower—make it your space to breathe. 


Best-in-class luxury home builder in Bend and Central Oregon.

From building on your lot in Bend, to ushering your current home into a new state of mind with a custom home remodel, Norman Building & Design does it all with and does it well with design-build services to fit your every need.


Some of the in-house solutions we bring to the table—and which are unique to our position as luxury home builders who know Bend and Central Oregon’s weather and terrain—include fully custom:

  • Residential home design

  • Interior design services

  • Outdoor living spaces and decks

  • Custom door systems

  • Home additions

  • Exterior and entire home remodels

  • Baths and bathrooms

  • Custom cabinetry 

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