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About us

At Norman Building & Design, we believe that in order to deliver truly exceptional quality, individualized customization, and a seamless, streamlined experience—working with an in-house team is a must. For us, our in-house crew of craftspeople, designers, artisans, and builders is the foundation of who we are and the design-build services we offer. It’s what enables us to build best-in-class custom homes across Bend and Central Oregon, as well as how we’re able to forge genuine and lasting relationships with the people we serve.


Our story

Founded by Jim Norman in 1977, Norman Building & Design is the result of Jim’s passion for crafting high-quality, custom-built homes, and his steadfast commitment to building deep relationships that last long after the initial design-build process. Today, president Brian Murphy continues to lead Norman Building & Design with the same passion and sense of values. His commitment to personal relationships, transparent processes, open and honest pricing, and unrivaled quality emerges at every touchpoint. Generation after generation, the difference for Norman remains in the people, the quality, and the details.  

With more than 40 years of experience as a premier luxury home builder in Bend and Central Oregon, our clients have come to expect nothing but the best from Norman. From the highest possible standards across every custom build and remodel project, to transparent communication and pricing, and true client support, we build you and your satisfaction into the center of everything we do.

why design-build construction?

While design-build construction used to be considered an “alternative” to more traditional project delivery systems, it’s swiftly becoming the preferred way to move forward with your custom home build or dream home remodel. As a far more collaborative, innovative, and streamlined process, design-build construction delivers both a superior experience and end-product.


Instead of having to manage two separate contracts—and a host of contractor and subcontractor personalities and relationships—design-build construction allows you to:

  • Save time and money—thanks to a more streamlined, communicative, and collaborative process.

  • Be involved in the design-build construction process in a way that’s healthy, empowering, and illuminating.

  • Work closely with a design-build team that provides unified recommendations to suit your specific schedule and budget.

  • Maintain a single point of responsibility, and manage only one design-build contract.

  • Partner with a team that addresses changes together, and that moves forward through truly collaborative and innovative problem-solving.

To learn more, and embark on your own design-build journey with Norman Building & Design, get in contact and tell us your dreams.

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