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Take me to the river

Location | Bend

Square Footage | 2,340 sq ft
3 br, 2.5 bath

In order to bring this Bend home into the here and now, and reflect both the values and wishes of its owners through a chic, contemporary aesthetic, we hit refresh on just about everything. To help open up the space—and give it a lighter, more airy feel—carpets turned into beautiful hardwood floors, wood trim and off-white walls turned into white trim against soft grey, and bathrooms went from warm wood and tile to clean white against smooth marble. The results? A custom remodel that brightened every room and made the space feel bigger and more welcoming than before. 

61484 Elder Ridge Remodel_Web-3.jpg
61484 Elder Ridge Remodel_Web-37.jpg
61484 Elder Ridge Remodel_Web-6.jpg
61484 Elder Ridge Remodel_Web-32.jpg
61484 Elder Ridge Remodel_Web-43.jpg
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