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At Norman Building and Design our residential home design team strives to create dream homes based on attention to detail, a laser focus on our clients desires and a deep understanding of the natural landscape that makes Central Oregon such a desirable place to live.  By combining artesian craftsmanship along with state of the art building solutions, Normans team of residential home designers, project managers and interior designers continue to define the true Bend style.

Interested in learning more about designing your dream home in Central Oregon with Normans team of residential home design professionals? 

Jim Norman

Founding Home Designer

Jim laid the foundation for what Norman Building & Design (NBD) is today when he moved to Bend back in 1977, and began defining his signature style of home design. His passion for creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional was fueled by his willingness to listen to the desires of each client.

While Jim has moved on from the day to day design role at Norman Building and Design he can still be found mentoring the residential design team, offering clients advice on floor plans and input on how best to position the home on the chosen build site.

Jim Norman Founder Norman Building and Design
Senior Residential Home Designer at Norman Building and Design Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor

Senior Residential Home Designer

Since I was a child, I have harbored a passion for design. My father is residential contractor in Alaska, and from a young age he had instilled in me a love for the craft of building homes that cohabitate with the natural environment. Born from this early introduction, I began to investigate construction; from making forest dwellings, exploring Lego homes and fabricating my own skateboards and skateboard boxes, I’ve always had a penchant for working with my hands. Through my childlike explorations, I was able to discover and understand the function and utility of form.

Committing to my enthusiasm of design, I began a formal path of study at the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture. Through this program, I have learned that community and sustainability are inextricably linked. Without well-rounded social structures that support accountability, there is little capacity for a pro-environmental paradigm shift. My core design principle ensuring that individual and group needs are met while enriching the surrounding area through proactive sustainable design and a strong sense of community.

Jacob Skraba

Home Designer

A current graduate student at the University of Oregon’s Track II M.Arch program and alumnus of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities’ Bachelor of Design in Architecture program, Jacob Skraba has a passion for housing and the role it plays in the concept of personal identity and its effects on quality of life. Other interests include sustainable design and how it can be incorporated into the surrounding urban fabric.

“All people deserve access to not only a house but a home. A place where they are able to come after a rough day. A place to relax or to celebrate occasions both large and small. A place where they can create memories and which inspires and creates meaning with the lives of those that inhabit it.”

- Jacob Skraba

Jacob Skraba Residential Home Designer
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