Jim Norman: Founder, president and lead home designer

Jim is the “idea man” and the first person clients usually meet. “I enjoy talking to clients about what they want and why it is they like something. Then I try to give the home continuity and balance, so it’s not just a hodgepodge of ideas.” Whenever possible, he likes to be involved from the very beginning — selecting the perfect plot of land. He finds inspiration in walking the piece of land, visiting the bare lot at various times of day, observing the sun and how the home can be designed to feel like it belongs there. From his conceptual drawings, other team members create the actual working plans.


Greg and his family are clients first

Having built 4 Norman homes during the past 26 years, the first while living in Connecticut. They currently live in their dream home designed and built by the Norman team. He has a first hand perspective on the process and the exceptional results. He invites you to visit the office and design center as well as tour a few Norman homes. “I’m certain you will find it time well spent”.


Ron Norman, Kelly O’Grady and Troy Brown

Our three project managers are master go-betweens. They coordinate everything, keeping workers from tripping over each other while simultaneously avoiding lag time and accommodating client requests. You’ll see these guys on the job site every day. “Clients get excited about seeing their home take shape, and that makes it fun for us,” says Ron.


Kerri Rossi

Anyone who’s ever been through the process of building a new home will fall in love with our in-house interior designers. Working closely with clients from the beginning, Kerri gets to know clients and their tastes and needs, then she offer choices and help develop a theme. Floor coverings, water features, counters, stairs, furniture, window coverings, wall finishes, plumbing and lighting fixtures — instead of running all over town to look at swatches and make decisions, clients can relax and enjoy the process of creating an interior space to suit their personality and lifestyle. “I’ve never worked anywhere with so much laughter. We love what we’re doing, and clients see that when they work with us,” says Kerri.


Darrin Hollyman

The members of the drafting team take Jim’s conceptual drawings and turn them into 3-D renderings, then into working blueprints. “People love being able to look at very realistic computer-generated drawings of their home, ‘fly’ over it and view it from every angle. It makes the concept really come to life for them,” says Darrin.


John O’Donoghue

Heads up our cabinet design team creates three-dimensional computer renderings of every kitchen, bathroom, entertainment center and wet bar we build. This enables clients to preview styles, woods, counter finishes and tweak the placement of every cabinet and appliance. “Because our clients will spend so much time in these important rooms, we want to make sure the cabinetwork turns out exactly as they envision it.”

Fine Woodworking Group
Our Fine Woodworking Shop is the very definition of hand-crafted artisan quality. Producing one-of-a-kind stair cases, mantle pieces, interior and entry doors, tables, chairs, armoires and more in-house means that clients get exactly what they want. You name it, and we can build it. All of our work is one-of-a-kind, we don’t duplicate anything unless a client specifically requests it.

Another key component of our truly handmade approach is our in-house cabinetmaking shop. These gifted cabinetmakers bring the Cabinet Design team’s renderings to life. Whether it’s a a hand-hewn native juniper entertainment center you’ve dreamed up, or sleek, modern European-style kitchen cabinetwork, these guys can build it all.