P1130175The term ‘gourmet’ kitchen is an oft used phase we hear at Norman Building & Design yet what that means varies wildly from client to client. It isn’t just the look that you desire but how it functions for your family everyday. Are two cooks active in the space at a time? Where do you want your spices and your pots and pans relative to your cooking station? The kitchen is the ‘hub’ of your home and every visitor will want to gather nearby. Does your kitchen allow you to continue to work yet for your guests to feel part of the action? Does it both look beautiful and function just as you dreamed?

Working with our team, which includes a cabinet designer, custom crafted cabinetry as well as an interior designer, we can bring your dream to life. Whether in your new home or through remodeling your existing kitchen, our highly skilled team can make it a reality while insuring the process is both fun and exciting.

We invite you to review our website and see additional examples of our homes and remodeling efforts. They are far better in person so come for a visit anytime.

We invite you to discover the art of fine home building & remodeling. We are ready if your are!