P1130430When people visit your home what does your front entry tell them? Is it warm and inviting? Does it provide protection from the elements as they wait for you to open door? Does it give a hint of what is to come once the door opens?

At Norman Building & Design we custom design and craft the front entry system for each home in our shops in Bend, Oregon. We work together to create a unique entry that reflects the style of your entire home. Our front door systems are 2 1/4 inches thick. They reflect the wood species you desire, the finish and unique details you have always dreamed of but didn’t know were possible.

We welcome you to take a few minutes or more on our website, look at the many homes that are featured and then call to make an appointment to visit with us. If you like the photos you see on our site you will love seeing the homes in person! We can make your dreams come true!

We invite you to discover the art of fine home building. We are ready if you are!