What is your style–classically contemporary?

Do you want a more contemporary feeling to your h2012-08-23 10.56.50ome yet want to create a home that is timeless?  No matter your style, no matter the direction you want to go we at Norman Building & Design are ready to create your dream home.

Creating a home that has timeless appeal, a sense of warmth when you walk in the door is just what we do at Norman Building & Design.  From the first moment you arrive the windows draw your eyes outward to embrace the beauty that is Central Oregon.  Cabinets and doors that reflect your style custom designed and crafted just for your home!

No matter what your your dream we will work together to make it a reality.  Come and visit with us, let us show you what we have done for others and learn what they have to say about working with our team.  You will see and more importantly feel the difference.

Come discover the art of fine home building.  We are ready if you are!!


Your kitchen is the heart of your home!!

IMG_3840How special is your kitchen?  It is the place where everyone gathers whether it is that special party, a family gathering or just during daily life.  Does it ‘work’ for you in every way you desire?  Does it connect with the outside to allow an easy and desirable transition to enjoying your favorite meal outdoors?  Does the cabinetry reflect your style and your individual taste in a way that is timeless?

Working with the Norman team you will enjoy the services of our in-house design team.  Starting with the design of your home, the connection of inside with the outside and great flow to the dining room and great room yet just the right separation for you to work in your kitchen.  Our in-house cabinet designer will aid you in creating just the look you want for your cabinets yet everything in its place, ready for you to put it to work.  Add our team of interior designers to make it all come alive and the result will be your dream kitchen come true!

Working with Norman Building & Design we can make your kitchen and your home exactly what you thought it could be and more.  Spend some time on our site and then call for an appointment.  We are ready if you are.  Come and discover the art of fine home building & remodeling!

From Concept to Completion-Norman Building & Design can help make your dreams a reality!

Wilson CompareWith in-house design and our computer drafting team, we can translate your dreams into a home that brings those dreams to life.  Our cabinet designer and craftsmen will create the perfect look for your kitchen, bath or armoire.  With the help of our interior designer all the elements of your dream home can develop better than you ever thought possible.

Enjoy visiting our website to view the results of our combined efforts with others.  Than when you are ready call and schedule a time to visit with us and take the first step in making your dreams come true.

We are ready if you are!  Come discover the art of fine home building & remodeling!


Your Home’s Entry Makes a First and Lasting Impresion!

IMG_8489When people visit your home what does your front entry tell them?  Is it warm and inviting?  Does it provide protection from the elements as they wait for you to open door?  Does it give a hint of what is to come once the door opens?

At Norman Building & Design we custom design and craft the front entry system for each home in our shops in Bend, Oregon.  We work together to create a unique entry that reflects the style of your entire home.  Our front door systems are 2 1/4 inches thick.  They reflect the wood species you desire, the finish and unique details you have always dreamed of but didn’t know were possible.

We welcome you to take a few minutes or more on our website, look at the many homes that are featured and then call to make an appointment to visit with us.  If you like the photos you see on our site you will love seeing the homes in person!  We can make your dreams come true!

We invite you to discover the art of fine home building.  We are ready if you are!

Fireplaces can make a room!

IMG_6404A fireplace can make a room not only by adding warmth but also as a focal point for the space.  It should enhance a room while not competing with the wonderful view you most enjoy.  It’s location in the room should allow for comfortable furniture placement.  The hearth may well add  prime seating for the space on a cold winter’s day.  Above it’s mantel art may be featured or perhaps a tv as in this hearth room.  Not only are the materials used important but it needs to fit with the flow of the space and compliment the overall style of your home.

Each detail is attended to in a Norman Building & Design home.  From design to completion we work together to create a home that will reflect your desires while providing insights we have gained during nearly 37 years in business.  When you gather around that first fire (whether burning logs or a flick of the switch on your gas logs) you will appreciate the work that we have done together.

Please spend some time on our website and when you are ready call and set a time to visit with us.  We are ready if you are. 

We invite you to discover the art of fine home building & remodeling!

The creative use of glass–one of the keys to a great design!

IMG_9349Visit any Norman Building & Design home and you will see far more glass than others of similar size–far more.  The extensive use of corner windows works to open up the home and invite the outside in.  Perhaps it seems simple but it is a key to creating a home that lives larger, that is bright no matter the day.  During design we explore with our clients the treasures they wish to showcase.  The creative use of windows and the natural light they offer enhance not only the home’s art but more importantly the way our clients feel in their  home every day.  Think of windows and the resulting views they afford as additional forms of art to enjoy!

Explore the pages of our website and when you’re done come visit us in Bend.  You will love Central Oregon and all it offers.  During your stay make time to visit with our team to discuss plans for your dream home here or where ever you live.

We are ready if you are.  Come discover the art of fine home building!

What does your dream kitchen look like?

DSC_0458The term ‘gourmet’ kitchen is an oft used phase we hear at Norman Building & Design yet what that means varies wildly from client to client.  It isn’t just the look that you desire but how it functions for your family everyday.  Are two cooks active in the space at a time? Where do you want your spices and your pots and pans relative to your cooking station?   The kitchen is the ‘hub’ of your home and every visitor will want to gather nearby.  Does your kitchen allow you to continue to work yet for your guests to feel part of the action?  Does it both look beautiful and function just as you dreamed?

Working with our team, which includes a cabinet designer, custom crafted cabinetry as well as an interior designer, we can bring your dream to life.  Whether in your new home or through remodeling your existing kitchen, our highly skilled team can make it a reality while insuring the process is both fun and exciting.

We invite you to review our website and see additional examples of our homes and remodeling efforts.  They are far better in person so come for a visit anytime.

We invite you to discover the art of fine home building & remodeling.  We are ready if your are!

One of our Norman clients–what a day!

photoLate in September a LifeFlight helicopter landing site was dedicated in Sisters, OR within Infinity Properties.  Infinity is a beautiful 130 acre development with 10 two (2) acre home sites developed by our Norman Building & Design clients, Dierk and Cecile Peters.  The Peters wanted to offer not only the Infinity residents but  the surrounding Sisters county residents the opportunity to have the life saving benefits of LifeFlight near by.  We all enjoyed working with the Peters in creating their dream home in Sisters and we wanted to salute them for their unselfish gift to their community!

We have a wonderful ‘family’ of clients and have enjoyed working with each in creating their dream home or remodeling their existing residence.

We invite you to discover the benefits of joining the Norman Building & Design ‘family’.  Please join us in discovering the art of fine home building & design.  We are ready if you are!

Create a new kitchen and renew your home!

DSC_0133Whether you are designing your new home or renewing your current residence, the kitchen is the heart of every home.  The result of this recent remodel was the creation of a ‘touch of Tuscany’ for our clients reflecting their love of Italy.  It allowed them to fall in love with their home all over again.

No matter your dream, the Norman Building & Design team can take it from concept to reality.  Our design team includes custom home & remodeling, custom designed & crafted cabinets, doors and even furniture.  Working together with our interior designer, the Norman Team will transform your dream into a reality!

Discover the fine are of home building and remodling.  We are ready if you are!

Windows- A key to great design!

DSC_0344Windows are a key to great design.  The creative use of windows in design including corner windows can invite the outside inside your home. They can make rooms feel larger by allowing the eye to travel through and outside to the beauty beyond.  Corner windows will draw your eye away from adjacent homes and invite you to see your beautiful landscape or the beauty of nature surrounding your home.  Even at night with the use of lighting those windows will continue to draw your attention outward and make your home feel larger as well as more ‘grounded’ in its surroundings.

At Norman Building & Design great home design and with it extensive use of windows is a hallmark of each residence we create with our clients.  Come and discover for yourselves the art of fine home design and custom home construction in the pages of our web site.

Better still visit us and experience first hand our artisan’s approach to crafting fine custom homesWe are ready if you are!